Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coppertone Girl

The Italian fashion photographer Gian Paolo Tomasi has an inclination for new interpretations of artwork. That he isn’t only interested in the "big" art represented in the museums shows this example:

It’s a nice quotation of the "Coppertone Girl" from 1959, which was invented and done by Joyce Ballantyne (1918–2006) a well known painter of pin-up art.


  1. Congratulations, your blog is very interesting. Usually I know the painting, but I get a nice surprice with every interpretation.

  2. Y'know, that explains a lot learning that this was done by a pinup artist. I've certainly always thought, and have heard it conjectured before, that it had those qualities.

    Especially after reading the original novel of Deliverance that opens up with the main character talking about his job at a marketing agency, where his boss wanted him to recreate the Coppertone ads using a cat.

  3. 1965, Jodie Foster made her acting debut as the Coppertone girl in a television commercial, when she was three years old.